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Genre: FPS
Publisher: Sold Out Software
Release Date: 8/21/2018
Language: English
Rating: 7+

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Our mission is clear our determination strong and our guns are very very big. Terrible Posture Games in partnership with Grip Digital is proud to announce MOTHERGUNSHIP a bullet-hell FPS hybrid for consoles that puts you Earths last hope against the armadas of data-hoarding robotic alien invaders.

Craft gun monstrosities that no reasonable person could ever lift play together with your friends fight gigantic bosses and experience randomised mayhem as you battle your way to the heart of the fleet to destroy the Mothergunship!

OK SOLDIER! You are Earths last hope! I know youve heard that before yes. And I know you failed before. But that was before wasnt it? That was back when you had a body. That was back when you had a boring peaceful Earthling life and back before you were a disembodied head plucked by kleptomaniac data-hoarding robot alien invaders. That was before Earth was lost.

But this time it will be different. Our numbers may be small. Our bodies may have been incinerated. And our heads may be jarred in gooey preservation liquid that tastes terrible. But our will has grown. Our new robotic mech bodies are stronger. Faster. 97% recyclable. Our mission is clear Our determination strong and our guns are very very big. We will invade these invader ships and destroy them from within! One gunship at a time we will fight our way to the heart of their fleet–to that hulking monstrosity the MOTHERGUNSHIP itself!

Mothergunship Physical Version Includes Additional 2 Hour Campaign and Unlocks 4 Extra Gun Parts:

  • Felixs Leaf: Luck favours those who come prepared. Your chance for critical shots is greatly increased. Together with spread of your projectiles.
  • Mr. Serious Business: For those whose #1 priority is to look great in the heat of the action – with Mr. Serious Business attached no one dares to question your weapon capabilities. Damage boost is just a nice bonus to that. Warning: serious energy requirements! (classiness is not cheap).
  • Eagleeye 3000-S: Scope cap for aspiring sharpshooters greatly reducing spread and increasing speed of your projectiles.
  • Connector King: This connector is an ultimate solution to all your gun-building problems. With 17 sockets available barrel spacing is not an issue anymore.


  • Craft: To take down the Mothergunship youll need your very own personalised weapons of destruction. Luckily you can create the gun of your dreams with one of the most modular gun-crafting systems ever seen in a videogame. Want to have a twelve-barrel gun that shoots homing rockets? Or do you prefer a lightning shotgun? And what gun wouldnt look better with a fish tank affixed to the top? Go for it! The design of your destructive arsenal is in your hands.
  • Fight: Face off against overwhelming odds in brutal non-stop combat where thinking on your feet is the only way to survive. Dodge hundreds of bullets with unique FPS/Bullet-hell hybrid gameplay. Each ship hosts hordes of alien machines deadly traps and intimidating bosses all set on preventing you from saving humanity. Go getem.
  • Resist: Join the ranks of the global resistance movement and take back Earth together with your friends. Fight together with a friend in a full co-op experience or participate with the community while you work together to cut through the alien fleet and reach that ultimate goal – bringing down the Mothership.

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