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Godai Elemental Force

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Genre: Action
Publisher: 3DO Studios
Developer: 3DO Studios
Release Date: 1/22/2002
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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A Dark Ninja; Akunin; attacks the Elemental Guardian and his wife. As he lies dying; his Elemental Guardian Spirit is passed to his infant heir; Hiro. Moments before Akunin moves in to kill Hiro; he is whisked away to the safety of the Sukoto Clan by Sho; an aged Asian warrior sworn to protect the Elemental Guardian and his lands. Sho trains the boy in the ways of the Sukoto warriors while raising the boy as his own; keeping the heirs true identity a secret in the hopes that he will one day return to rule. Sworn by a creed to protect and defend; but not to eliminate; the Sukoto practice the arts of Taijutsu; an Asian self-protection/elemental martial arts based on the GoDai ‘Five Elements’ (wind; water; earth; fire and void) excluding the darkest element; ‘Ku’ or void. By age 22; the boy has become proficient in the martial arts and weapons of Sukoto Ninjitsu. Hiro excels in his training; though he has yet to learn the Magic of the 5 Elements. Akunin; who had taken refuge with a feared Clan practicing the deadly and mysterious art of Ku (void); returns to complete his assassination of the heir; this time killing Sho. With his dying breathe; Sho reveals the boy’s true identity to his protégé and sends him on a quest to learn the Magic of the Elements in order to avenge his family and reclaim his birthright

  • Fast-paced game play – Engage your enemies with hand-to-hand (melee) sword projectile weapon and elemental magic attacks.
  • 16 breathtaking 1-Player campaign levels – Set out through the Trials of 4 Spirit Elements (Earth Wind Water & Fire) to gain the skills necessary to defeat the Dark Ninja and master the Void the fifth element.
  • Full 360° stop-action/cinematic camera during elemental attacks & to highlight key action. (*we plan on coming up with a cool name for this)
  • 8 types of game play in Multi-player competition – Choose from eight action-packed styles of 2-player games: Fury Time Attack Elimination Cooperation Magic Off Power-Up Magic Melee and Projectile.
  • 6 levels exclusive to multi-player – Battle with a friend in all-new environments.
  • Special Weapons – Defend your honor with a wide selection of weapons such as Katana blades Twin blades the Bladed Spear Throwing Spikes Shuriken stars Smoke bombs and Elemental Magic.
  • Engaging Storyline and cinematics.
  • New Weather & Environmental Effects – New conditions such as night rain fog and ‘pool of light’ sources like torches fire pits etc…immerse player into the story and action.
  • Accessibility – The game feature game schemes for the beginner and hard core gamer alike

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